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Friday, June 10, 2011

Help Us Promote MOSC2011 By Using Facebook Like Button

Help Us Promote MOSC2011 By Using Facebook Like Button

Help us promoting Malaysia Open Source Conference 2011 (MOSC2011) by using Facebook Like button thats we build its in MOSC2011 Blog. What do you need to do for MOSC2011?

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Harisfazillah Jamel aka Linuxmalaysia

9 Jun 2011

Cara Mudah Masukkan Butang Like Facebook Dalam Blogger (Malay)

Help us promote MOSC2011 Blog by Google +1 G+1 let people who love your content recommend it on Google search #MOSC2011

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

VOIP Solution Using TrixBox By Sheikh Mohd Rozaimi

VOIP Solution Using TrixBox By Pak Sheikh

Here's my configuration (perhaps mostly for geeks, but hopefully also for anyone who's interested): I started with an old IBM desktop system with a 20GB hard drive, connected it to my local network. From there, I decided to use the FREE trixbox PBX all-in-one telephony system; because trixbox (which is based on CentOS 5.4 and Asterisk) has all the software you need to run anything from a simple home phone system all the way up to an enterprise-level call center.

Installing trixbox on the hardware was amazingly easy - I popped the CD in, rebooted, and it did the rest. It took care of installing the operating system, the phone system software, and all of the other packages I could ever want. When it was done, it pointed me to a web interface that I could use to administer the system from there.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hidzuan Hashim Open Source Consultant

Hidzuan Hashim Open Source Consultant

More information about Hidzuan Hashim

Hidzuan Hashim Google Profile

Hidzuan Hashim Linkedin Profile
Linux and Open Source Trainer.
Technical Support for Linux servers.
Nagios and NagiosQL configuration and setup.
Email server and Zimbra Configuration and setup.

Email : hidzuan [at] gmail dot com
Phone : 6012-2631282

If you are looking for person for your technical support needs and to configure servers to beused with Linux server like Ubuntu server, Open Suse, Red Hat, Fedora and more Linux, he can be contact for support and consultant works.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Email Us

Email us for inquiry and questions for services related to Open Source Software.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why you need to be at MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009?

Why you need to be at MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009?

MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009 will be held at Berjaya Times Square on the 31st May – 3rd June 2009. It will be the largest gathering of its kind in Malaysia and will attracts IT Executives, developers, coders, companies, multi-million companies and multi-billion companies from around the world to share, train, showcase and maybe hire the bright minds in the Malaysia Open Source Ecosystem. This is a guide of what to expect from this event from the perspective of roles below:-

*** 31 May 2009 is Free Entry To all ***

Computer User

* See first hand the power, user-friendliness and robust from Viruses of Open Source Operating System powering your desktop, laptops, netbook, home server and handphones (even toaster, serious).
* Learn from experts howto tune your Open Source Operating System and detect missing driver, slow performance and guides on the best application that open source can offer.
* Save your expenses for more important matters in these tough times (girlfriends, food and wedding) rather than wasting time and money installing and buying those antivirus, Operating System and Productivity Applications.
* Learn the fundamental of Linux and Unix-based system and how they are different from Wisdows to impress friends, girlfriends, teachers and off course enemies / rivals.

Business Owner

* Do you want to save / monitor your company cost by using the best of breed ERP Solution? Checkout Open Source ADempiere Business Suite. Its the world’s number 1 Open Source ERP Project in the world and delivering solid business experience in a wide range of industries.
* Learn from the expert: World reknown leader of ADempiere, Mr Red1 will be there at MSC Open Source Conference to share and teach you how easy and complex ADempiere Business Suite and howto cater it to your business.
* Wanna save more dollar and cents? Lookout for the Open Source Desktop and Open Source Applications around you. The community and vendor are more than happy to help and guide you to the wonderful (money savings) world of Open Source.


* You’re an executive being pressured to look for more cost saving, dealing with reduce IT budget and dont know where to look? Look no further, MSC Open Source Conference is for you. We will showcase Virtualization, Open Source Desktop, Open Source Development Kit, Open Source ERP, Open Source Development Framework and Open Source T-Shirt to show your spirit. There will something for everyone at MSC Open Source Conference 2009.
* We will also share with you Open Source success stories, case studies and howto build your business case towards Open Source Migration.
* Some of the big Open Source and Open Source-Friendly company will be there on show to show you the FOSSnovation and like-for-like replacement for your current infrastructure.


* Yes parents also got their fair share of stake in the Open Source Community. We will be showcasing the Sugar OLPC (yes the famousOne Laptop Per Child) live CD for the parents to give their loved ones. This CD can run in any notebook and PCs for the children 1st iteration to the world of computing and application in the safest and enjoyable environment.
* Also some education-oriented games will be showcase to show how wide variety Open Source ecosystem is.


* So you are looking for jobs or will be graduating soon? and wanna be in the Open Souce boat? Jobstreet will open up booth on the event floor. Go there and show the world how good you are!!
* Heard of Open Source but never really sure what it is? Do you know that most graduate with Open Source skills are far better at getting jobs than those that aren’t? Come over and we show you what the fuss is all about !!

IT Companies

* Business stagnanting? Solutions not being accepted well in the market? We show you the latest trend and where the market is heading in terms of technology, demand and innovation.
* Looking into Open Source-related business but don’t know where to look? Head over to all the participating companies booth and illustrated speakers and strike some deal / enquiries moving forward. Those coming are some of the biggest in the game e.g. Redhat, Novell, Canonical, Sun Microsystem and Google Inc.

Coders / Developers

* Looking for new code to hack? new itch to be scratch? Checkout the Developers track where some latest and biggest Open Source Project showcasing their shiny codes and over-the-top applications.
* Share your knowledge either formally or informally either during the hackathon or the lightning talks session. Be an instant celebrity here, only in MSC Open Source Conference 2009!!

Open Source Community

* Meet new and online-only friend here at MSC Open Source Conference and share a drink. Its been a while since the last big gathering of Open Source Community in Malaysia.

Here’s to the big event.


Date : 31 May till 3 June 2009
Time : 9 am till 5 Pm

Berjaya Times Square Hotel & Convention Centre
Tingkat 14, Berjaya Time Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

MSC MALAYSIA Client Contact Centre (CLiC)
1-800-88-8338 (within Malaysia)
+603 8315 3000 Email :

Facebook Fans Page

Free entry to all on Hackathon day 31 May 2009 .... Join us ... Walkin Registration same place.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009 is Open For Registration

MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009 is Open For Registration

Official Website of MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009 is now fully operational.

Registration is now OPEN...

Don't miss out on one of Malaysia Premier Conference 2009... See you all there.

MSC Malaysia's inaugural and full-fledged Open Source Conference to  incorporate a 'Quadruple play' of 4 crucial stakeholders consisting of government, businesses, developers and community in envisioning open source's contribution to the IT industry and socio-economy.

Organised by MSC Malaysia and MAMPU and jointly supported by the Malaysian Open Source Community and MOSTI, the Conference invites developers, designers, systems administrators, community leaders, innovators, CTOs and CIOs, evangelists and activists, researchers, strategists, and entrepreneurs to lead and contribute during all conference sessions, tutorials and discussions.

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